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A successful convention requires a good selection of relevant, informative and balanced topics and speakers to provide attendees with a great deal of information to interest them and help develop their businesses. Previous attendees have often commented what a packed, busy and highly useful programme the Convention offers and 2013 will not be any different! Topical, informative and relevant presentations that reflect latest research and technologies and topics of increasing importance to the industry, plus updates on important operational aspects.
Given by authoritative, knowledgeable speakers, the presentations programme forms the heart of the convention. Many speakers will be well known names in the industry or have worked with us previously. In short, speakers that are known and respected.
Topics that will be addressed are structured as three themes (with all industry sectors welcome at all times):
The first day offers up to 11 'storage specific' presentations plus a Sprout Suppressant Discussion Forum
For day two, we will offer up to 11 presentations of all-industry interest, followed by a Discussion Forum, this time on Sanitation.
For day three, we offer up to 11 'processing specific' presentations, plus a Discussion Forum on Sustainability.
The scheduling will provide for a question and answer session following most presentations.
Also, attendees can benefit from Technical Workshops presented by some well-known, interesting suppliers of technologies and services to the industry.
The Workshops will be available during some breaks to maximize your opportunities with updates on current and new products and the potential benefits offered by the particular devices or applications that will be featured in the Workshops.
The Speaker Programme and Technical Workshop presentations will, as information becomes available, be described on this website.

THE DEVELOPING SPEAKER PROGRAMME: Following are details of the Speaker Programme as it develops. The titles listed are working titles and may change. Further information (as available) on each presentation, the speaker and the speaker's organization will be added. To see, click on the presentation titles listed below.
(The presentations listed are not in the order of appearance at the Convention).



Today we feature our storage specific programme of presentations; MAXIMISING STORAGE QUALITY AND RETURN (which is open to the whole industry).
We invite all attendees to begin networking by joining us in the Ballroom area for a welcome coffee between 8.30 and 9.00 ready for a prompt start to the programme. We plan to offer 10-11 highly interesting presentations plus a Sprout Suppressant discussion Forum. Registration is open from 08.00 onwards.

Potato sprout control in 2016 and beyond
By: John Walsh, McCain Foods, Canada

Update on potato sprout inhibitors: Export Considerations
By: Dr. Nora Olsen, University of Idaho, USA

Clove oil: the safe, smart solution to using less CIPC
By: David Felicetti, PhD, Pace International, USA

Pressure bruise prediction, management and control in long term potato storage
By: Prof. Sastry Jayanty, Colorado State University, USA

Recent advancements in post-harvest sprout control technology
By: John Immaraju, AMVAC Chemical, USA

Glycoalkaloids - some results of post-harvest physiology research
By: Dr. Norbert Haase, Max Rubner-Institut, Germany

State of the art storage technology - A comparison between Europe and the US
By: Dim-Jan de Visser, Tolsma Techniek, Netherlands

Effective sprout suppression while minimizing residue levels of CIPC and combinations with alternatives
By: Tjaart Hofman, Certis Europe, The Netherlands

Nanotechology applications for preventing potatoes storage diseases, through the production and the contact of vapours of volatile active substances
By: Dr. Marta Scribano, Xeda, Italy

PLUS: Sprout Suppressant Discussion Forum

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Today we move from yesterday's Storage specific program to tomorrows Processing specific program by moving from specific topics to offer a prgram of presentations of intyerest to all.

We plan to offer 10-11 highly interesting presentations plus a Ddiscussion Forum on Sanitation. Registration is open from 08.00 onwards.

Technologies for detection of physical and physiological properties and defects in potatoes
By: Key Technology

Development of processing varieties for storage
By: Mary LeMere, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Growing season factors affecting solids and sugar accumulation in potatoes stored for processing
By: Todd Forbush, Techmark, USA

Chemical maturity monitoring (CMM): A tool to maintain the long-term processing quality of stored potatoes
By: Joe Sowokinos, Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota, USA

Potential food hazards in fried potato products in Kenya
By: Dr. George Ooko Abong, University of Nairobi, Kenya

Current research into the affect of cultivating and storage conditions on potato quality
By: Dr. Irisa Murniece, University of Agriculture, Latvia

Sensor-based solutions for optimal resource productivity from potato field to finished product
By: Roel Molenaers, TOMRA Sorting Solutions, Belgium

Acrylamide 2013 - the European point of view
By: Dr. Norbert Haase, Max Rubner-Institut, Germany

⇓CFP =⇑Q? - How to solve the challenge of delivering high potato quality and reduce emissions
By: Errol van Groenewoud, Omnivent, The Netherlands

Producing low acrylamide risk potatoes: Results of a three-year project including genetics, agronomy and storage
By: Prof. Nigel Halford, Rothamsted Research, UK

PLUS: Discussion Forum - Sanitation

Chaired by Mary LeMere, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

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Today we feature our processing specific programme; TECHNOLOGY APPLICATIONS FOR IMPROVED PROCESSING (with all the industry welcome).

We plan to offer 10-11 highly interesting presentations plus a Discussion Forum on Sustainability. Registration is open from 08.00 onwards.

The affects of the new FDA FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) Laws on YOUR use of processing aids
By: Frank Magazine, Emerald Foam Control, USA

Oil management for effective frying systems
By: Trevor Howard, PPM Technologies EMEA Ltd , UK

Asparaginase for acrylamide mitigation in potato products
By: Ms Katie Maloney, Novozymes Technical, USA

Future potatoes: Processing, chemistry and nutrition
By: Dr. Jaspreet Singh, PhD. Riddet Institute, Massey University, New Zealand

Producing 'healthier' fried foods using Radiant Frying
By: Dr. Kevin Keener, Purdue University, USA

Updates in Sustainability & Food Safe Design for processing equipment
By: Scott Vallette, Buhler Aeroglide, UK

Yield improvements in steam peeling using innovative steam saving technologies
By: Eamonn Cullen, TOMRA Sorting Solutions Odenberg, Ireland

Frying systems - an overview and the criteria for selecting your most appropriate system
By: Heat & Control

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